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John Baldwin 1922-1987

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John Baldwin 1922-1987


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Athens OH 45701-1301
United States
740 594-7030
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"Form was . . . very important to Jack. In all these works, one can see the formal influences of the early twentieth-century Cubists, and particularly the influence of the California artist, Rico Lebrun.??In technique, there is the influence of Jose Gutierrez and the muralists who were among the first to experiment with Duco paint and pigments suspended in other synthetic media like polyester resin.
[Jack] ". . . had a deep concern for the condition of the common man: but he did not give any outward appearance of pomposity, of phony artistic sensibility . . . ."
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John Baldwin 1922-1987
CLASS: Sculpture
MEDIA: Bronze
SIZE: 8 3/4" x 14 1/2"
YEAR: c1982
PRICE: $3,000

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