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Dan Bergman

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Dan Bergman


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Studio Location  
51 Barrow St.
New York NY 10014-3736
United States
212 741 3667
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6824 Polk St.
Guttenberg NJ 07093
United States
Artist's Statement
" "
I see the world as formed by opposition and balance and my sculpture, primarily in welded steel, explores the dualities that grip my imagination. The visual vocabulary is filled with oppositions: heavy and light, hard and soft, figure and ground, enclosed and open. I cut, weld and twist the metal into three-dimensional constructions that I think of as musical in their alternation of tension and resolution.

Dan Bergman
CLASS: Sculpture
CATEGORY: Abstract
MEDIA: steel
SIZE: 13"x13"x14"
YEAR: 2008
PRICE: $5000

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