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Brooke Mullins Doherty

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Brooke Mullins Doherty


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21 Cove St., 209N
New Bedford MA 02740-2116
United States
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464 Allen St.
New Bedford MA 02740
United States
Artist's Statement
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          The themes of my work come from metaphysical concerns (systems of unified dualities, the interconnected nature of matter) and biological adaptation and life processes (similarities between parts and functions of different life forms, different types of relationships between species and individuals, the interconnected nature of birth, life, and death). Related to these concerns are the various ways in which we seek comfort from an often harsh reality, both as humans and as life forms in general.   

          Process is also very important to my work. Viewing my work makes one consider the process of making it, which makes one consider time. I want to create a certain kind of continuity between the past, present, and future by repeatedly performing a similar task or pattern of tasks through an expanse of time.

            It amazes me to think of all of the scales that can be considered, from universal to nano-scale, and how many different layers make up our own bodies. Even consciousness is generated by neurons and brain-states, which makes me consider how ultimately driven by forces our lives are. I don't know how much control I have, or even exactly how to define "I" in the context of actions and reactions, processes through time. At each layer there is a recursion of form and function to support the overall form. Sometimes these layers are surprising.
          Although I think about these issues constantly as I work, I don’t want my work to be didactic illustrations of theory or have a primary reference. Instead, it is more exploratory, making multiple references that defy a single interpretation. Recently I’ve focused on draped and puckered forms that contain elements of duality (they speak of positive and negative space, absence and presence, etc.), allude to biology (elements of reproduction, egg sacs, udders, plants and fungal growths, skin, cells, etc.), and reference particularly human elements of comfort (pillows, blankets, sewn garments, etc.). My forms do not make claims about life or metaphysics, but they are informed by these subjects and explore possible connections and relationships between life and matter.


Brooke Mullins Doherty
CLASS: Sculpture
CATEGORY: Abstract
MEDIA: Hardware cloth, caulk, plastic, enamel, acrylic
SIZE: 9 ft x 14 ft x 17 in
YEAR: 2008
PRICE: $1750

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