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Heather Siple

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Heather Siple


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Wilmington DE 19810
United States
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United States
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I have always been stirred by the simple beauty that is part of every object, person and place, be it grandiose or minute. First seeing the whole, I look deeper to find the basic elements that make that whole interesting, elements which have an abstract or emotional quality all their own. Light, form, and texture create an interplay which reductively sculpt the subjects of my work, cutting away what is superfluous or distracting, leaving only what I view as important. It has never been my intention to disguise my subjects, but rather to show the abstraction in all objects, regardless of placement, lighting, or origin. Along the way, this abstract approach often brings out images beyond the image – stems become dragons, an iron grate becomes the Parthenon and woodland spirits peer out at the viewer from the shadows of a leaf. In this way, I strive to bring to the viewer the extraordinary in everyday things and in their own imaginations.
Being a lover of all things magical, I remain one of those photographers who practice the alchemy of the darkroom. Each print, even within an edition, has subtle nuances that make it a unique work of art. Editions are usually limited to two or three prints, ensuring that each image remains distinctive and personal.

Heather Siple
CLASS: Photography
CATEGORY: Abstract
MEDIA: gelatin silver print
SIZE: 20" x24"
PRICE: $400

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