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Kenn Orphan

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Kenn Orphan


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San Diego CA
United States
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United States
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Kenn Orphan is an American painter originally from New York and who now resides in San Diego, California. His work focuses on the power of color and symbolism in relation to natural landscapes, dreamscapes and ancient Spiritual texts.

Many of Orphan’s works, such as "Testament", reflect a celebration of the symbolism and calligraphy of spiritual writings found in Islamic Arabesque and Sanskrit. His landscapes explore the role of color in relation to form and substance. Orphan has spent considerable time painting the world of dreams and their marriage to the natural world as represented by works like "flight of Ideas" and "Wander."

Orphan continues to produce many works of art from his loft studio in San Diego. He has exhibited his art in many local shows such as ArtWalk and Art with a Heart and has works on display in San Diego and across the United States and Europe.

For inquiries and to commission or purchase Orphan’s art please send an email to and be sure to state Kenn Orphan art in the subject line.


Kenn Orphan
CLASS: Paintings
CATEGORY: Landscape
MEDIA: acrylic
YEAR: 2008

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