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Wesley Freeman-Smith

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Wesley Freeman-Smith


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Cambridge CB5 8NL
United Kingdom
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13a Rawlyn Road
Cambridge CB5 8NL
United Kingdom
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Wesley Freeman-Smith is a photo-realistic pencil artist who lives in Cambridge, UK. For a number of years he's been working feverishly on images for the amusement of himself and a handful of curious stragglers, often with mixed reception. Some say "Who is this wonderful man, and will he draw my baby?", others say "So you're basically charging money for a piece of paper?" The answer to both is a resounding yes.

Whatever your feelings to it may or may not be, he's quite proud of his work and the small but rewarding headway it's making in the world of the internet. He has a page on Facebook which you should check out at​wesleyfreemansmith, and a variety of trinkets and clothing for sale at​wfreemansmith. If you are resident of Ely, UK, you may have seen his work at Two 19 Tattoo Studios.

If none of these capture your imagination and compel you to spend vast qualities of money supplementing his outrageous coke habit then you're cordially invited for a friendly chat by sending me a quick email :-)

Thanks for the giving me the attention I secretly crave, and hope to hear from you soon.



Wesley Freeman-Smith Suburban
CLASS: Drawings
CATEGORY: Landscape
SIZE: 16.5 x 11.7 inches
YEAR: 2011
PRICE: $£30
A red rose bleeds it colours into the cold snow.

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