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kettle winkle

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kettle winkle


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Jacksonville FL
United States
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United States
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I believe that art is like a unique fingerprint and that no one person paints the same. My art is no exception. Each painting is an original idea or sketch from my own imagination. Many people have enjoyed my work throughout my years of painting. I hope you enjoy as well. If you like to view more of my work please email me and I'll send you links to more of my art and how to purchase.

 Bathing Nude (& Water)

kettle winkle  Bathing Nude (& Water)
Bathing Nude (& Water)
CATEGORY: Abstract
SIZE: 45x55x1 cm
YEAR: 2005
PRICE: $Starting At $46.40
Bathing Nude(& Water) painted in thick acrylic...

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