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Strange Symmetries around Prince's passing
     by Penni Goode Evans

Okay, so, I am not much of a conspiracy theorist, but, there were some very VERY strange symmetries around Prince's passing and I would like to talk about them here. Some strange things happened around his passing and some stranger ones have come out now and they should be discussed. So let's begin: First of all, the biggest one was that he died in an elevator. I mean, what are the odds of that? In an interview with Chris Rock in the 90's Prince said the elevator symbolized Satan.  He said, "Stay happy, Stay focused and you can beat the elevator."  And then he dies in one? I have heard that he was found on the top floor- almost as if he'd "punched a higher floor," - it's almost too bizarre.  And now we find out that not only was he found in an elevator but his clothes were on backwards and inside out. And not just his clothes but also his socks. I understand you may quickly throw on your clothes, but, in a medical emergency, why would you care to put on socks? I have heard that in some cultures wearing your clothes backwards is said to ward off the devil - and if the elevator symbolizes the devil and his clothes were on backwards then what is that to mean? ------He died on April 21st. Which was also the date that he accidentally overdosed on wine and asprin back in 1996 and had to have his stomache pumped according to Ronin Ro's book. So, he almost died of an overdose on the exact same day 20 years before. And the very bizarre fact that he also had an album titled, "3121" a few years back.  3 + 1 = 4 , so from that we get 4/21.  The date of his death.  Why would he title that album 3121?  He said it was his favorite bible verse in Psalms.  But it's bizarre. Also we have his song, "Sometimes It Snows in April." which he recorded on April 21st and which was a song about his death ----- The final track on Hit n Run 2 ends with him saying, "That's it," and a section of silence.----In his last year or so his look had gone back to how he looked in the very beginning of his career, with the afro and clothing. ----Right before he passed he changed his Twitter picture to the one that it is now, with the third eye open and his human eyes closed.----On his Instagram page he posted pictures and white blank spaces to form an upside down Prince symbol, the final picture completing the symbol being posted right before death----His last public words, at Paisley Park just after the emergency plane landing were, "Wait a few days before you waste any prayers," and he passed days later. ----He tweeted, "Just when you thought you were safe.." right before he passed---- During his Piano and Microphone tour, he talked at one of his shows of lucid dreaming and dead people coming to him in dreams-----Around the World in a Day was released on April 21, 1985 and if you open the Vinyl LP you will see a rainbow on the page with the Paisley Park lyrics and on the day Prince passed a rainbow appeared over Paisley Park going in exactly the same direction as pictured in the liner notes of the album----Prince was something different. He was magic. He was in tune with the Universe. When he said, "I'm not your woman, I'm not your man, I am something that you'll never understand." He was right.



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