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Bill Brody

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Bill Brody


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Studio Location  
PO. Box 82533
Fairbanks AK 99708
United States
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Mailing Address
Po. Box 82533
Fairbanks AK 99708
United States
Artist's Statement
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Each summer I go deep into the wilderness of Alaska's mountains to paint. I spend my time chasing light and dancing shadow, trying to capture the dynamic richness of this spare and wonderful northern landscape. Working in the endless light of the arctic summer is my wellspring; it grounds me for the flights of introspection that occupy me in the studio during the majority of the year when it is too cold to paint outside. I reflect on my summer experiences when I make prints and intensely colored paintings on canvas and carved metal, fusing the figure with the landscape. This cycle of renewal has been repeated and refined over a number of years. My memories of the summer provide concrete grounding for the work I do during the winter, and the insights and technical experiences gained each winter are reflected in turn the next summer.
Past Events:
Solo show at the Alaska State Museum
Gallery Show Juneau, AK

Bill Brody
CLASS: Paintings
CATEGORY: Landscape
MEDIA: oil
SIZE: 72" x 44"
YEAR: 2008
PRICE: $$7500

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