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G.-Fivos Sargentis

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G.-Fivos Sargentis


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Astrapogiannou 9
Athens 11526
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Astrapogiannou 9
Athens 11526
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Fivos Sargentis was born in Athens in 1972.

He is dealing with sculpture and creation of sculptures, jewellery and toys since very young age and he has presented his work in individual and collective exhibitions.

Studied Civil Engineering in National Technical University of Athens. His diploma thesis was entitled "Aesthetic element in water...".

He worked and taught at National Technical University of Athens, where he got his Ph.D. by the School of Architecture. His thesis was entitled "Use and Technical Aspects of Materials in Sculpture".

Texts and comments of his are published in international conferences, scientific magazines and press.

He is married and he has one daughter.

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