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Jessica Riggan Vogel

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Jessica Riggan Vogel


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Salida CO 81201
United States
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Mon-Sun At 7:30 am- 8:00 pm
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United States
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    Jessica Riggan began her love affair with compelling images as a commercial photographer. It all began when she graduated from high school and won a scholarship to the Savannah College of Art and Design, opting for University of Florida’s Photojournalism School instead. Later, while interning with a noted Texas photographer, she improved on the technique of making Polaroid transfers, separating the color layers in the film and putting them back together to create images that resemble paintings. When Kodak went out of business and Polaroid film was no longer available, she returned to the 35mm camera and her paints and brushes. For several years after getting married, she operated as Jess Vogel Photography, her work appearing in such publications as Outside Magazine, Skiing, Transworld Snowboarding and Surfer Magazine.

Initially dividing her time among her family, photography and painting, she decided to slow down and focus solely on her creative arts endeavors. Jessica opened Art and Salvage Gallery in 2008. Although she spent a large part of her time painting in the studio and out in nature, she was never satisfied with the limitations imposed by canvas. When she began experimenting with painting on glass, she was intrigued by the amazingly vivid colors obtained by painting on the reverse side. Her quest for intriguing images and a unique style led her on travels throughout the world, including one trek, alone through North Africa. The folk quality, yet sophistication, of her style, was inspired by her time living in France. Her eye for dramatic color was inspired by the years she lived in Mexico. Today, Jessica, her husband and daughter live in Salida, Colorado for most of the year, but spend as much time as possible in a small fishing village in northern Yucatan.


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