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Jorge Mendes

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Jorge Mendes


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Oporto 4425-147
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I simply see and seek beauty in both God’s and men’s creations.
Always searching for a new angle…for a glimpse of a singular light and its color variations passing through the leaves or through rain drops reflections. Just admiring the complexness of the world and trying to replicate some of its greatness on paintings. Pushing the limits and creating a new “world” of creativity which can only exist through me and that only I can create, because my angle is unique…
I’ve been painting for 7 years now. Every time I sell a piece, it’s like I’m selling a bit of myself, because most of it comes from the hart. However it’s rewarding to know my work is recognized and if it makes someone happy, then I am too.
Clerigos Towers Church

Jorge Mendes Clerigos Towers Church
Clerigos Towers Church
CLASS: Paintings
CATEGORY: Landscape
MEDIA: acrylic
SIZE: 28.5x21 cm
YEAR: 2012
PRICE: $200
View of the esthern Clérigos tower's church and old surrounding buildings.
Colorful Street Lamp

Jorge Mendes Colorful Street Lamp
Colorful Street Lamp
CLASS: Paintings
CATEGORY: Still Life
MEDIA: acrylic
SIZE: 50x50 cm
YEAR: 2014
PRICE: $350
Warm summer colors reflected everywhere on a street

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