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Lucia Gomez

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Lucia Gomez


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Studio Location  
Carrera 14 A No. 127B-64 Apt 302
Bogota 1
57 1 6264431
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8 am - 6 pm
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bogota 1
Artist's Statement
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My paintings express metaphysical symbolism and shamanic themes derived from many cultures, including those of Central and South America, Australia, and the Far East.
Forms flow without much planning, giving way to imagined cities and labyrinths full of mystery and color that emerge from a state of mental relaxation. Geometric lines and a search for deeper knowledge lead to intricate passages and mysterious corners.
In the recent series Elemental Fragments , Secret Passages, Ritual, and Ancestral static figures, depicted through subtle marks and sudden color blobs, are introduced into the paintings, representing the “ancestors” from each setting, who are simply involved in the act of observing. Such passages and corners give the viewers the possibility of also observing, asking them to bring to each painting their own perceptions, interpretations, impressions and conclusions.


Lucia Gomez
CLASS: Paintings
CATEGORY: Abstract
MEDIA: oil on canvas
SIZE: 20" x20"
YEAR: 2008

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