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Sharon Jackman

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Sharon Jackman


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Laguna Niguel CA
United States
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United States
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I seek to unite the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual aspects of life in my work, and find the medium of clay satisfies this need. The natural world inspires me, so I was fascinated to discover crystalline glazes, in which a process normally occurring deep in the earth can be coaxed to take place in a kiln. The crystals flow organically across the surface of the porcelain, and so I create flowing shapes, inspired by the natural world, to complement them.
I begin to create my forms by throwing high-fire porcelain on the potter’s wheel. The piece may then be carved, altered, or combined with other forms before applying the crystalline glaze and firing using a precise schedule. To achieve the brilliance of natural colors, metallic lusters are sometimes applied in a third firing. The crystals seem to float in their pool of glaze, creating a fourth dimension on the surface of the pot. The unpredictable variations in placement and size of the crystals makes each kiln opening an occasion for anticipation and wonder, like a child opening a gift.
Past Events:
Art Festival San Diego, CA

Sharon Jackman
CLASS: Ceramics
CATEGORY: Landscape
MEDIA: crystalline-glazed porcelain
SIZE: 12" tall
YEAR: 2008
PRICE: $400

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