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Andre Nax

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Andre Nax


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Los Angeles CA
United States
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United States
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Andre Nax is part of a group of creative professionals with diverse backgrounds in architecture, interior design, art, automotive design, and photography. All members are passionate about their fields of expertise as well as art and design in general. Instead of a traditional approach of associating art with a specific artist they chose to create a NaxArt brand that represents their values and vision rather then promoting individual agendas.

Naxart group also sees a big gap in the current art market between high end, high priced art work from established artists on one end and lesser known artists on the other end that sell their work through various channels at a very low price point, but unfortunately this type of art work often lucking great artistic quality as well. NaxArt is not the bang for the back brand, but rather a group that chose not to work with established art galleries that often demand price point to be higher then most people can afford. The group creates work for people like ourselves educated, metropolitan, informed, sophisticated professionals that have taste and desire to live in a modern unique environment and want their art to represent these qualities telling their guests a little bit about themselves.


Andre Nax
CLASS: Mixed Media
CATEGORY: Abstract
MEDIA: Digital Canvas Print
SIZE: 32X46
YEAR: 2007

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