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"Saw You In Russia" exhibit of paintings
Wednesday, February 8 2017 - Friday, March 24 2017
1715 2nd Ave
Rock Island, IL 61201
United States
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Karen Cooper

My current work is a free-form play in usage of the phrase “visual communication”. My goal in my work is to awaken in viewers the ability to visually recognize the commonalities shared with people around them, so to encourage feeling part of a larger whole, to belong. I suggest this begins with a genial awareness of those nearby.

People say they enjoy people watching as a leisure activity.
I do it with intensity. And then I paint it.
I say with my paintings:
-Look at the people beside you.
-See their faces, enjoy their expressions.
-Watch them walk down the street. Appreciate their motion.
-Recognize the goals and dreams that we all have in common. We are not so different after all, true?

The current work is oil on canvas, a few are acrylic on canvas.
All are focused on people, and their daily routines, and the thought-provoking images they make.
It’s the simple stuff that we all do, but when you attach it to a person, it communicates something of each one of us, to the other of us. It's visual communication.
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karen cooper
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