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Fn Obscure @ Boulevard3
Friday, July 17 2015 - Saturday, July 18 2015
6523 Sunset Blvd
Hollywood, CA 91325
United States
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F'n Obscure is overly happy to announce that on Friday night, July 17th, we will be hosting our very own event at Boulevard3 in Hollywood Ca.

While one of the hottest clubs in Hollywood blasts the music that fuels your soul, our artists will be there to provide the Fn ambiance only FnO artists can.

It will definitely be an event you do not want to miss.

and the best part.....
You can get free entry!!!

Here is all you have to do:

Sign up for the official Fn Guest List (below)

Fn Obscure is being given their very own guest list, and those who are on it gain free entry into the club for the entire evening of fun.
    - The door fee is normally $20.
    - Doors open at 9:30pm. To gain free entry, one must be on the list, as well as show up before 11pm.
    - All guests, no matter on the list or not will be subject to $20 door fee after 11pm, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Simple as that, be on the guest list (below), and show up before 11pm to gain FREE entry into one of the hottest nights of the summer in Hollywood!

Participating Artists
Fn Obscure
Natures Lane
Ryan Christopher Bugarin
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Fn Obscure

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