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Gabriel Blanco

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Gabriel Blanco


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New York NY
United States
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I am a mostly self-taught artist /​ illustrator born and raised in New York's East Harlem /​ El Barrio. I love to explore just about every genre, medium, and style there is, but my main inspiration comes from creating images drawn from Latin American history & culture. I also enjoy creating images from World Mythology & Classical Civilizations.

Gabriel Blanco Coqui
CLASS: Paintings
MEDIA: Acrylic
SIZE: 8" x 8"
YEAR: 2010
8"x8" -   An acrylic painting depicting the Coqui (Puerto Rican Treefrog) in a style evoking it's place in the religious and mythic imagination of my Taino ancestors, as the animal totem of Atabex, mother Goddess of fertility and the waters of life!

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