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Hannelore AMON

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Hannelore AMON


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Studio Location  
10266 E Mallow Circle
McDowell Mnt.Ranch
Scottsdale AZ 85255
United States
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10266 E Mallow Circle
United States
Artist's Statement
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I have been very lucky and had the possibility to not only visit exotic places but also live in various parts of our beautiful world. Wherever I am, I try to capture the imminent impressions of a landscape or of my surroundings, of people and even of a certain atmosphere, that had tickled my fancy.
Light and colour always have been a major influence and important factor in my paintings.
Colour has a power, which can transmit pleasant feelings and emotions, in a painting just as in nature.
The way I paint could probably best be described as : "emotionally charged impressionism".
The prefered medium in my works is oil colour and/​or acrylic colour, mixed with various material found on the beach, from sand to shell, from leaves to thread or tissue.
I try to capture the positive impressions of life, capture the feelings and emotions of what I saw and felt at a certain moment in time. To put this spontaneous experience on canvas is not only a great challenge but also expresses my positive attitude towards life itself.

Hannelore AMON
CLASS: Mixed Media
CATEGORY: Landscape
MEDIA: mixed media
SIZE: 36x48"
YEAR: 2009
PRICE: $2250.0

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