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Jonathan Alexander

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Jonathan Alexander


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24th st and Oak
Phoenix AZ 85008
United States
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United States
Artist's Statement
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Stiff (fabric) art is an innovative "organic" art form, combining both my disciplines: furniture design and figurative sculpture. Stiffart, an inspiration that explores both in a single medium.

"Organic" in a green way:
Stiffart is mostly created in our water-based gypsum stiffener on recycled fabric, colored with naturally occurring pigments.
As a volume-filling object Stiffart is light as it contains very little actual product, while maintaining strength, functionality and punch.

The natural folds of fabric over the human form, beautifully expresses the sensuality it obscures.

Full Monty

Jonathan Alexander Full Monty
Full Monty
CLASS: Sculpture
MEDIA: Coldcast Bronze
SIZE: 36" high
PRICE: $2500
Polished Coldcast Bronze, wall hung.
Stiffart Examples

Jonathan Alexander Stiffart Examples
Stiffart Examples
CLASS: Sculpture
CATEGORY: Functional
MEDIA: Fabric, gypsum, iron oxide
SIZE: lifesize
YEAR: 2009
PRICE: $200 400

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