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Kevin Caron

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Kevin Caron


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Phoenix AZ
United States
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5831 N. 46th Pl.
Phoenix AZ 85018-1236
United States
Artist's Statement
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I have always built things. (I thought everyone did.) For many years, my focus was utility - strength and durability were paramount. That was until I created the first version of Undulations, a privacy screen made from a scrapped metal conveyor belt. My relationship with materials, their visual and visceral impact, shifted from purely practical to aesthetic – although I’ve never forgone functionality.

In the creative process I am curious about manipulating line, mass and form. I am aware of how light shines and reflects on material, how shadows are cast, how a piece sounds and feels when touched, and how people will interact with wonder and delight. I like the idea of contrasting large or massive forms with unusual and delicate materials such as stone with fabricated copper in the shape of leaves and vines. These surprising juxtapositions of dissimilar materials create a sense of surprise and wonder, allowing people to see things in new ways.

Whimsy and wonder are keynotes of my work. I enjoy seeing people react joyfully to a piece that made me smile as I worked on it, as well as having them ponder over the mechanics, wondering where the water comes from, or what holds a visually delicate element in place despite its weight and heft.

While some of my work has specific thematic origins, I prefer it when people see their own stories and exercise their own imaginations as they take in my work; and I am pleased when I hear a reaction that may never have occurred to me.


Kevin Caron
CLASS: Sculpture
CATEGORY: Abstract
MEDIA: Painted steel
SIZE: 30" x 17" x 14"
YEAR: 2008

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