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Gallery Location
Joy Art Gallery
25 Haalon St.
Raanana, 43572
+1 (646) 480-0340
Gallery Mailing Address
Joy Art Gallery
25 Haalon St.
Raanana, 43572
Joy Art is an exclusive art gallery located in the heart of Ra’anana, Israel.

The gallery specializes in the reproduction of artistic sculptures and paintings, which are sold in art galleries locally and worldwide, e.g. in the Caribbean Isles, New York, Singapore and Venice, and to museum shops such as that in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem; to public buildings such as Ichilov Medical Center in Tel Aviv, the Israel Bar Association, as well as to private buyers.

Joy Art Gallery provides Israeli artists with a platform for showcasing their work.

Joy Art commissions the artist to design a model of his/her creation and the gallery takes on the task of reproducing it.
By separating artistic creation from production Joy Art Gallery makes it possible for buyers to enjoy a variety of style and design.
In an atmosphere that is uniquely intimate and inviting, Joy Art conducts its transactions in such a way that allows its prices to be both attractive and competitive.

The gallery offers a service that is polite and professional, its staff is always happy to advise and help clients to design a work of art that is uniquely theirs, tailor made to conform to their own personal taste and budget.

A Random Sampling of Gallery Art

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