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       by Starr  
  Greeting to all Art Pickle members (great artists!) and perusing guests

Greetings to all Art Pickle members and guests. It has been about 4 months since I logged in and since then I spent many weeks hiking, climbing and camping in the western United States. I took a lot of photographs and sketched a lot, because nature really forms the basic matrix of my expressionistic oil paintings. I have added about 10 oil paintings to my website "". The paintings are all done in oils, but I have found that I sell 90 percent of my work as giclees, printed on canvas, because is only a fraction of the oil painting original price. I think Art Picle is one of the very best art websites!! They give a newcomer a chance, and there is no tremendous pressure to upgrade, even though websites need the support of upgrading. When I sell enough paintings I will definitely upgrade and point to Art Pickle as a key to my progress.



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