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  new series of paintings  
       by Margaret Zox Brown  
  I have just begun a completely new series of paintings. I have moved away from the Still Life where in the past several years I painted first a series of Tools and then up until just recently a series of Fruit. I am now, once again (after more than 10 years) painting the Human Figure.

This time, the paintings are quite large and this time, I am using all that I have learned during these past 10 years; abstracting the image, the journey through the canvas, the simpler planes of a reduced abstraction, color moments, paint and medium application, scale and significant movements in Art History.

I am very excited with my first painting in this series whose title is In the Couch. The mood, as always is revealed but now all the other elements mentioned including the emotion behind it all is also captured and conveyed.

This first painting, "In the Couch" can be viewed on my website on my BLOG -


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