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  Shardul Phatak | Art Techniques & Painting  
       by Shardul Phatak  
  Painting is a great way to convey individuality and appreciation of an art form. Painting is one of the most ancient art form and people loves to own a beautiful creation. Apart from the aesthetic value of a paining there are many thought provoking ideas hidden behind those sharp brush strokes and wrinkled canvas. People like to hang paintings in their house to display their taste in art and spark up a discussion about the art. Paintings can stir your emotions or force you to brain storming like any other art form looking at a painting is also highly subjective. A painting surely enhances the overall look of the house and complements the beauty of your house. Paintings not only seen as an art form many people look at them as a form of investment.

Glass Paintings: Glass painting is a popular art form. It is well appreciated among those who want to decorate their home with an artistic approach. The Artists combine glass and paint to create beautiful and visually striking artifact.

Oil Painting: Various types of paints are used in oil painting. Whenever we think about painting we think about oil painting because most of the artists in renaissance period painted with oil paintings. Oil painting does not mean artist use oil to paint, but oil is used for carrying colors. Different oils have different properties that give distinctive results.

Acryc Painting: Acrylic Paints are used due to their quick drying characteristic. You do not need to use solvents to dilute the paint. Acrylic painting is much more versatile in the approach. There are many mediums can be added to enhance the luminosity or to get matt or semi matt finish on the painting. Advantage of acrylic painting is that it can be used on any surface that allows the artist to use any kind of a surface that he wants.

Pastel Painting: Pastels are formed by powdered color pigment. Pastel was created in 16th century; many great artists used pastels to craft their masterpiece.

Watercolor Painting: Watercolor painting is one of the most popular art form artists mainly uses paper for creating watercolor art. Painters use multiple methods according to the medium. One of the well known methods is wet-in-wet in this method most of the part of the paper is covered with water. This process allows colors to flow freely on the paper. It helps to create distinctive patterns on the paper.

Landscape Painting: Landscape paintings include scenes of nature, mountains, lakes; rivers etc. landscape word is derived from a Dutch word. Landscape painting also depicts cityscapes, seascapes and waterscapes. Formats refer to painting planes that have greater width than its height. Landscape painting is one of the most important genres of the painting.

There are many other art forms which are widely popular are Blotting paper painting, Abstract art, Photorealism, Pop art, Conceptual art to name a few.

Shardul Phatak is a Young and talented artist from Mumbai. Incorporating surreal symbolism by showcasing subtle imagery is his forte. This multidimensional artist holds expertise in various genres of paintings such as Glass Painting, Canvas Painting, Oil Painting, Acrylic Painting, Pastel Painting, water color painting, Blotting Paper Painting, and Landscape Painting.

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